Nov. 21st, 2015

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Jared Polis is my congressional representative. Unfortunately. Sorry, that's a mistake -- I have come to the conclusion that he is properly referred to as DINO poltroon Jared Polis. Where DINO, of course, stands for "Democrat in Name Only".

DINO poltroon Jared Polis is my congressional representative.

There was a time when I was proud to have him a representative. In the long ago days when the House of Representatives actually had votes on substantive matters, his votes on things like net neutrality and internet privacy that suggested that he had at least a passing acquaintance with technology. I donated some money to his campaign.

I wish I could get a refund of the money I donated to DINO poltroon Jared Polis.

In the past few years the House has done comparatively little, and when there are votes, DINO poltroon Polis has voted on the side stupidity and greed with depressing and increasing regularity. The question in my mind was becoming not "Has he sold out to the corporate interests?" but "Has he sold out? Or was he a corporatist stooge all along?"

His recent vote to effectively bar Syrian refugees has been beyond disgusting. Since the Daesh stated goal is to make Syrians miserable and destroy tolerance and cultural diversity in the west, I consider the House vote tantamount to treason.

I sent a very strongly worded email to Dinohim. It included words like "embarrassed", "ashamed", "gutless", "hard-hearted" (or possibly "cold-hearted") and "evil". He sent me an email reply making excuses. I think I left out "brainless"from my original letter. But I don't believe he is stupid or gullible, and I am insulted that he thinks I am either of those things.

I have also emailed the Colorado Democratic Party, asking whether there might be an actual Democrat available to primary him on the left. And I wrote to the Bernie Sanders organization asking whether they have someone in their Colorado organization who could go up against DINO poltroon Jared Polis.

It is possible that a lot of my usual charitable giving make be diverted into politics over the next year. This is very depressing.

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