Nov. 8th, 2014 10:32 am
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I've got an alternate universe floating around in my head. The landscape is North American but I didn't want to do that thing where the native population is conveniently absent or completely Othered -- it's gotten to be a trope, and a fairly nasty one.

It is a world where the peri-Columbian plagues did not happen, and as it turns out, neither did the Quaternary extinctions.

I've been reading a lot of anthrology and archaeology and 'recent' paleontology. (I would love to find some artists' galleries who do mammoths and things, not just pterodactyls and dinosaurs and their contempararies.)

Fiber and strings are very important in the story. And music is entangled with music just as in the traditions of our world.

Stringed instruments are important in my personal iconography and I realized that, while there are historical stringed instruments from Iberia to the Bering Strait, I had never heard of any pre-Columbian stringed instruments on the Western hemisphere.

No cursed or enchanted harps or fiddles (or harpists of fiddlers). No Trickster gods doing peculiar things with strings and tortoise shells (I have never been sure how that worked....) No corpse instruments fashioned of bone and strung with hair or entrails.

According to Google the only evidence of a stringed instrument that was not imported was in a Mayan temple image, and when archaeologists recreated it, it made a sound like a Jaguar growling, not a musical tone.

The world is a post-contact environment, with Incomers along the coast that are resonances of my own French Canadian ancestors. They would have brought their fiddles with them, into an environment where the magic had resonated to percussions and occasional flutes. That feels important.
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Science Fiction author Jay Lake (who is terminally ill) has posted an commentary that has odd relevance

Earlier today I was trying to decide between two vacation trips for next year. The much more expensive one includes time in Iceland, a place I have always wanted to see.

It feels like the universe is trying to tell me something.
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The frozen archive of my old blog is at

I'm occasionally getting the urge to blog these days, and since I don't want to support a blosxom site again (my ISP got cranky and I have other things to do with my non-work programming time) and I am paying for this blog space anyway, I'll try using this for a while.

If it gets annoying, I'll try something else...

The blog title will be refreshed once I think of something better to name it: with the old blog (Teleidoscope) dead, the current title here (Teleidoscope mirror) loses relevance.
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Thanks to an upheaval at my ISP, my primary blog has moved to a cleaner address:

I hope to have the syndication to LiveJournal working again shortly.
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My main blog is Teleidoscope, it has been linked to a LJ syndicated account, with the link on my Friends page. It can be reached directly at <a href=">Teleidoscope</a>. I am trying to get the feed set up, but I don't think it is working yet. So the link here is probably more usable.

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